Eradicate psoriasis in 30 days!

Cream PsoriFix is a drug recommended for very dry skin, with symptoms of psoriasis. PsoriFix intensely moisturizes and nourishes the skin and eradicates the symptoms of psoriasis.


PsoriFix intensely moisturizes dry skin areas covered by psoriasis. After just a few applications burning, itching and general discomfort disappear. PsoriFix cream is a real soothing compress for your skin. The efficiency of this preparation reaches up to 95%. PsoriFix was considered one of the best creams for psoriasis.

Cream PsoriFix was developed for people who have very dry skin with symptoms of eczema or psoriasis.


PsoriFix cream composition


Willow extract

Contains salicylic compounds that have anti-inflammatory and keratolytic functions. Willow extract helps to peel the stratum corneum, therefore has long been used in acne skin care and psoriasis.


Tea tree oil

It's helpful in relieving symptoms of psoriasis, such as itching and excessive flaking of the skin. Tea tree oil has an antiseptic function, which soothes the inflammation and relieves flaky skin.


Greater celandine

It shows strong antiseptic functioning and facilitates the death of the cuticle, and then its exfoliation. Greater celandine prevents the excessive reproduction of skin cells and suppresses its abnormal keratinization.


Why PsoriFix?

  • Contains only natural ingredients
  • Eliminates inflammatory conditions and itching
  • Softens skin and reduces flaking
  • Contains skin sanitizing silver ions
  • Regulates blood microcirculation

Apply PsoriFix and get rid of psoriasis!

PsoriFix cream was made based on natural ingredients of the highest quality. After just a few weeks of use, the skin becomes smooth as silk, and the symptoms of psoriasis disappear. Application of the PsoriFix cream is very simple. You just need to wash your skin gently and apply a thin layer of cream. PsoriFix should be kept on the skin for at least 15 minutes. For the full effect, it's recommended to use the cream twice a day.


Psoriasis had suddenly disappeared!

When my skin started to peel, I was devastated. My friend recommended me a PsoriFix cream. Psoriasis disappeared faster than it appeared on my skin. I am impressed how effective is this product and recommend it to all my friends. PsoriFix is a must if you suffer from psoriasis.


PsoriFix is incredible

I got some red, flaking spots on my back. The dermatologist had no good news for me, as he diagnosed psoriasis. I couldn't find an effective cream, which would bring relief from the symptoms of psoriasis. Only PsoriFix proved to be effective. All spots disappeared after two weeks. I can't recommend this product enough!

Where can I buy PsoriFix?

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